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I confirm that the supplied information is to the best of my knowledge and belief, true, and may be verified.

Data protection act:

Information provided by you on this form may be verified and held by an external referencing agency in its computer records. I confirm that the progress of this application may be made available to agents, landlords and co-applicants. I also hereby authorise. The file of a credit reference agency may be searched.

Any information obtained/compiled by the referencing agent may be passed on to Agents and Landlords.

Our Privacy Policy (GDPR can be found at Privacy Policy GDPR

I understand that should any of the information contained in this application be found to beuntrue the application will be declined and I may lose all or part of the administration fee. I givemy employer, accountant and current landlord/letting agent permission to disclose any information requested by Mark Walsh Estates.

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Holding Deposit

No Referencing Fees are charged in accordance with the Tenant Fees Bill 2019. One Weeks Rent holding deposit to reserve the property is required and refunded against first months rent. This holding deposit can be retained if the applicant provides misleading information, fails a Right To Rent Check.

Holding deposit of one weeks rent will be held for 14 days or till the move in date if the move in date is longer than 14 days after payment of the holding deposit it will be keept untill the move in day. Or will be paid back on request

We have agreed that the deposit may be retained until the commencement of tenancy and then deducted from the first months rent as stated on this document

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At the start of your tenancy

Dilapidation deposit: Of one month rent plus £100 (max 6 weeks rent):

Rent is payable by the 1st of each month for that month. Payment is required by an automated bank payment which is dated for the 28th of the month preceding. Share groups of two or more must arrange to make one joint payment. For tenancies commencing after the 1stday of any month the rent due at commencement will be for the period to the end of the month, apportioned for the number of days. For tenancies commencing on or after the 15th of the month the rent for the next month is also payable at the commencement.

During your tenancy

Interest on late rent.............................. 3% over Barclays Bank base rateCompletion and submission of the attached application form confirms your understanding and acceptance of the above terms and conditions, but it does not guarantee a tenancy on the property.

At the end of your tenancy

If you need a reference Your new landlord to pay £25

End of your tenancy

When you wish to vacate the property you must give one month’s notice in writing from yourtenancy start date to be received at our offices no later than two working days after the dateof the notice. If, for whatever reason, you need to vacate the property during the initial term then we will endeavour to re-let the property, thereby releasing you from your ongoing liability. Keys must be returned to our offices on, or before, the day of vacating the property, together with a forwarding address. Failure to return keys will result in a continuing liability for rent.An end of tenancy inspection will be carried out by your Property Manager and you will be notified of any faults. During the inspection electricity, gas and water meter readings will be taken and we will notify the service provider of the end of your tenancy and liability.

Commencing the tenancy

Once satisfactory references have been obtained you will be contacted by the Property Manager responsible for the property to arrange a tenancy start date. On this date all parties to the agreement must attend our offices to sign the move in documents and to complete a bank mandate for the payment of future rent. Payment will be required for apportioned rent and the dilapidation deposit which must be made with CLEARED FUNDS. We will provide bank details for automatic transfers, which must be done before commencement of the tenancy, quoting the first line of the property address, so that the funds clear in time. The total amount will be detailed on a statement which will be provid ed prior to the commencement date. You will then be given the keys, a copy of the tenancy agreement and a copy of the inventory.


An inventory of contents and schedule of condition is prepared for each fully managed property prior to letting. You are requested to check the list carefully, then sign and return one copy within 48 hours of receipt. Any discrepancies in the contents or the condition descriptions should be noted prior to returning the inventory to us (any points made may be subject to a verification inspection by your Property Manager). Please feel free to take a copy for your records. It is important that you do check the inventory as it forms the basis of the inspection to be made after the end of the tenancy. If a signed copy of the inventory is not received within 48 hours it will beassumed that the inventory is accurate in every detail.